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Jaguars Film Room: Subtle difference in Chad Henne has big impact

The Jacksonville Jaguars snapped their prolonged losing streak in Week 12 by defeating the Tennessee Titans 24-19 to improve to 2-9.

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The Jacksonville Jaguars offense has scored points in bunches the past two weeks, in ways that Jaguars fans haven't been used to this season. Most of the Jaguars points the last two games have come from the passing game, with Chad Henne throwing six touchdowns, and big explosive plays in the passing game.

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While there were some big explosive plays with Blaine Gabbert at quarterback, they were few and far between and typically down the sideline. There is one subtle difference between Gabbert and Henne however that has seemed to make all the difference: Henne will test the middle of the football field.

Whereas Gabbert seemed to work the sidelines and avoid the middle of the field, Henne does just the opposite, which is a big reason that tight end Marcedes Lewis' numbers have picked up and rookie Justin Blackmon has started to get into a groove. Henne trusts his arm and that his receiver is going to make a play on the football and so far they have.

There were a few plays in the Jaguars win over the Tennessee Titans last week that illustrated why going over the middle is beneficial and also why it can be very risky.