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Colts vs. Jaguars 2012: Short week means short work

The Jacksonville Jaguars are set to take on the Indianapolis Colts on Thursday Night Football, but that also means they have a short work week.


The Jacksonville Jaguars will play their second game in a five day period on Thursday evening when they take on the Indianapolis Colts on NFL Network. It means a short week of practice, which means the players don't have as much time to get in the work and information as they normally do.

"In a normal week you have a lot of time to digest a lot of information. Now everything is compressed a little bit," Jaguars linebacker Paul Posluszny told reporters on Tuesday, normally the Jaguars day off. "We are really going to have to fall back on our techniques and fundamentals and do everything by the book. We aren’t going to have time to see all the different shifts and formations and plays, so we are going to have to play things as we see and just use our roles and we should be fundamentally sound."

As Posluszny mentioned, the team needs to get back to the basics on a short week, but even without a short week that might be something for the Jaguars defense to do.

Home teams are 7-2 on the season so far in "short week games", but then again not all of those teams are as terrible at home as the Jaguars have been.