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Colts vs. Jaguars 2012 news roundup

Some Jacksonville Jaguars news you might have missed or we might not have covered.

Sam Greenwood

Inside the Jaguars: Short Week

DEVELOPING CHEMISTRY The numbers weren’t staggering, but they were better than no numbers. And Laurent Robinson said they could be a start. Robinson, a wide receiver who signed with the Jaguars as an unrestricted free agent this past offseason, on Sunday returned after a three-game absence with a concussion. He played extensively in the second half of a 31-14 loss to the Lions, catching six passes for 41 yards.

Jaguars face Colts with pride on the line

The record, as Terrance Knighton sees it, is what it is – and can’t be changed. And whatever the record means for the team’s preseason goals, the veteran defensive tackle says what has happened in the first half of the season is in a sense secondary to the biggest issue facing Jaguars players this week: Yes, the Jaguars are struggling. And no, the record isn’t what they wanted. But there’s a game Thursday, and there are eight games remaining in the season. That means it’s time – past time, actually – to play as the team expected.

Jaguars, Colts going in different directions |

The Jaguars went to Indianapolis two years ago next month with a shot to clinch the AFC South Division title with a victory. They were 8-5 and could have eliminated the 7-6 Colts with a victory. Instead, the Jaguars lost 34-24 as the Colts won their last three games to win the division title with a 10-6 record. The loss started a slide for the Jaguars that continues to this day. They lost the last three in 2010 to finish 8-8, went 5-11 last year when Jack Del Rio was fired and Shad Khan bought the team with five games left.

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I've never understood how a team plays one way on a particular Sunday only for the next game to arrive and completely implode. It's the nature of today's