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Jaguars mid-season offensive grades

The Jacksonville Jaguars are at the mid point of the season, so it's time to hand out the all important mid-season grades.

Sam Greenwood

At the halfway point of the season, the Jacksonville Jaguars are sitting with a 1-7 record and not much fun on the horizon. With that being said, let's grade out how the offense has performed so far.


The Jaguars quarterback position has been up and down through the first eight weeks, mostly down, but since the bye week the passing game has picked up a bit. Including just about a quarter and some change of play against the Oakland Raiders, Gabbert has completed 62.6 percent (6.4 YPA) of his passes for 633 yards, four touchdowns and two interceptions with an 85.9 quarterback rating.

Gabbert looked like he wasn't going to take much of a step forward prior to the bye week, but despite some struggles has looked much better after the bye week. He's still leaving a lot to be desired, but there is improvement especially in the past three games. Hard to say what the future holds in this area, however.

Grade: D+

Running Backs

The Jaguars rushing attack is typically it's strong point, but they've struggled the season ranking 28th overall running the football, averaging just 84 yards per game. The Jaguars have been without Maurice Jones-Drew the past three games and the running game has struggled. Even with Jones-Drew at the helm, the run game has been that great and lot of that is teams loading up and daring the Jaguars to throw.

Grade: B-

Offensive Line

The Jaguars offensive line has been an area that makes you want to cry at times but has improved since the bye week with a stable and consistent lineup. Early in the season it struggled after dealing with a rash of injuries with only Eugene Monroe being consistently good. Now that the five starters are healthy and settled in, it's done a better job the past three weeks giving Gabbert time to throw on most of his passing attempts.

Grade: C


Like everything else on the offense the Jaguars receiver group (including the tight ends) has been up and down much of the season. There have been really just two consistent players in the group in Cecil Shorts III and Marcedes Lewis. Both have become reliable targets in the passing game (when Lewis isn't called to block) but outside of that it's been a crap shoot. Laurent Robinson struggled to get on the same page with Gabbert before suffering some concussions and rookie Justin Blackmon looks like he's swimming rather than playing so far. Kevin Elliott is a raw project who's got some spot time, but like Blackmon looks a bit in over his head right now.

Grade: D+