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Colts vs. Jaguars 2012: Second half game thread

The Jaguars have fallen into yet another early hole at EverBank Field.

Mike Ehrmann

Well that was a bunch of malarkey.

While the Jaguars are down 17-3 after the first half it wasn't as if they were dominated by the Colts. Instead, seemingly every opportunity the Jaguars had to shoot themselves in the foot, they managed to do so. Whether that was Terrance Knighton picking up a personal foul that wiped out an interception, Aaron Ross stopping to try and make a play on the ball but missing, or fumbling away a ball that would've set up a short third down.

Each of those three plays helped lead the Colts to points, although the Jaguars weren't exactly helped by the referees either as several close calls went in the favor of the Colts. That's not to say they weren't called correctly, but one particular touchdown run by Andrew Luck drove Mike Mularkey to the point that he threw his headset and play card on the field before yelling at the referees.

After the first half, Blaine Gabbert has completed 13-of-23 passes for 134 yards with Laurent Robinson catching eight of those passes for 70 yards. Luck completed 11-of-15 for 143 yards and an interception with Reggie Wayne bringing in six of his passes for 64 yards.