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Laurent Robinson advocates more no-huddle offense for the Jaguars

The Jaguars were on a drive that had moved the ball 41 yards with the no-huddle before a fumble by the wide receiver turned the ball over to the Colts.


During a 27-10 loss to the Indianapolis Colts on Thursday night, the Jaguars once again showed some no-huddle offense as they have in other games. Also similar to other games, the Jaguars didn't make it the principle part of their offense and spent much of their offensive possessions with huddles.

"We feel confident in the no-huddle offense," Laurent Robinson said to reporters after the game. "We were moving the ball great, and we're clicking when we're in the no-huddle. If they choose to go that route, I think we'll be confident and comfortable out there doing it."

One drive on Thursday that featured a no-huddle offense was stopped prematurely by a Robinson fumble on the sidelines that was recovered by defensive back Darius Butler in Colts territory. Prior to the fumble, the Jaguars had begun a drive that moved the ball 41 yards in just over two minutes.

"When we got into our no-huddle offense, we were moving the ball great," Robinson said. "I started off with the fumble, and that was a game-changer. We had the momentum going in and wanted to get some points out of that drive, and they got some points out of (the fumble), and we went down 17-0. I put a lot of the blame on myself because I harp myself on holding onto the ball."

While head coach Mike Mularkey didn't talk about the no-huddle offense after the game to reporters, Robinson said that it is when Blaine Gabbert is at his best with the team. "He gets the ball out of his hands quick," Robinson said. "He gets comfortable with the quick completions. We practice it so much, so we pretty much know it like the back of our hand. We can go out there and execute like we've been doing."

The Jaguars will next travel to Houston to play the Texans for a second time in 2012 after the AFC South leaders beat the Jaguars at home, 27-7, in Week 2.