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Jaguars QB Chad Henne: "I was just trying to throw it out of bounds."

The Jacksonville Jaguars lost their 11th game of the season on Sunday against the Jets and a big contributing factor was quarterback Chad Henne, who had a bad day.


The Jacksonville Jaguars final drive in their 17-10 loss to the New York Jets ended with another Chad Henne overthrown pass and was picked off by Ellis Lankster to seal the game. The pass looked like a poor one from Henne, who rushed the ball out as he had a free rusher coming at him, but he says he was just trying to throw the ball away and live for another down.

"Well to be honest I was just trying to throw it out of bounds," Henne told reporters after the game. "I kind of had a free runner at me, and just trying to get it as far out of bounds as I could and it just didn’t end up that way."

Henne probably could have angled the ball more towards the sideline, as it looked initially like a shot towards the endzone, but he'd been off on his passes all day. Henne finished up the day completing under 50 percent of his passes for the second game in a row, passing for 185 yards and throwing two interceptions.

Henne has followed up his two good games with two games that left a lot to be desired, but that's been Henne's motis operandi throughout his NFL career. It surely didn't help that he was missing his best receiver, but even with that he was off on a lot of his throws and seemed to lock on to Blackmon far too often.