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Jaguars DE Jason Babin flashes vs. Jets

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Jaguars defensive end Jason Babin didn't do much in his first start with the Jaguars, but against the New York Jets he flashed his pass rushing ability, causing a turnover.


Jason Babin had an uneventful debut with the Jacksonville Jaguars against the Buffalo Bills, getting pushed around in the run game and not doing much the few times Ryan Fitzpatrick passed the football. Against the New York Jets however, Babin flashed some of that pass rush ability picking up a sack and forcing a turnover.

Babin blew off the line right past Jets left tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson and hit Mark Sanchez on his blind side, swiping for the football and causing a fumble, which the Jaguars recovered. The offense then turned the turnover into three points and the early lead they took into halftime.

Babin didn't seem to do much else beyond that play, but it was still a play that made an impact on the game. If you have a guy who can do that once again, it makes a big difference in the end result. Babin had just one other hurry in the game and rushed the passer 20 times, according to Pro Football Focus, but he still forced a turnover that led to points.

I'm still not sure Babin will be retained for 2013, but if he can string together some more plays like that to finish out the season, he'll make a case for himself.