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Jaguars players, coaches post game comments

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Here is what the Jaguars players and coaches were saying after Sunday's 17-10 loss to the New York Jets.


Chad Henne on the Jets defensive scheme: "It’s difficult but, we practiced it all week. We had our game plan. We had our protection schemes on how to handle it. The thing it came down to was sometimes one-on-one matchups where we didn’t do as well, but for the most part I thought we identified it right we just didn’t execute very well."

Kevin Elliott on dropped passes: "Receivers like yards after the catch, so with me I need to catch the ball before I run. That’s been my problem since high school, but it’s something that can be fixed and definitely can be worked on."

Montell Owens on his touchdown run: "It was great. It was definitely a big boost for the offense. It all comes down to finishing drives and finishing games. That is one thing that we didn’t do today. They were overloaded to one side. Pre-snap, I saw some things and sure enough it opened up the way I thought it would. The second level blocks were great by the wide receivers. They cleared a hole."

Mike Mularkey on the injuries hampering the offense: "We have to be careful of some of the things we do only because we have some new guys that are in there. You have to be very careful in how you scheme. We all have to not be thinking too much. Based on the things we did, on OTAS and first met together, you have to be careful in how you do those things because you have a lot of new guys having to react and make some decisions with some who haven’t had a lot of experience. You better be smart and let them play, and hopefully when they get their chances they’ll make some plays."

Derek Cox on the remaining games: "I think you look at it and you say obviously life goes on and there’s another season right after this one that we’ll embark on starting in 2013. The last 3 games you look as a way to an opportunity to leave a good taste in the teams mouth and also teams that aren’t playing meaningful football now that we’re going against you look at that and you find a way to knock them off, we just approach it with that type of mentality and guys will come to work on Monday and make corrections and rock and roll."