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Jaguars practice without pads after player complaints

Many players believe Wednesday practices have been a contributing factor to the rash of injuries.


With just three more games before the inevitable changes at the end of the season, a troubling sign emerged for Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey on Wednesday when players practiced without pads. The light practice reportedly came after complaints from players on the team, according to Mark Long of the Associated Press.

Long later tweeted that Wednesday is typically the only day in pads, but they are "supposedly grueling" and many players believe these practices have been a contributing factor to the rash of injuries. If these grueling practices were leading to wins it may be a different story, but it seems to have become a tired grind for the 2-11 Jaguars team.

Retaining a coach after a very bad season is tough to advocate, but players buying in to that coach's system and values can make that argument easier to make. When the players begin to lose faith in that, though, it's tough to earn that resolve back.

News that the players not only complained about Mularkey's way of doing things, but got their way is not a good look for the first year coach and serves as another sign of an impending clean slate during the offseason.