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Jaguars are a sinking ship

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are beyond a train wreck. They're a sinking ship. A dumpster fire. Whatever other horrible analogy you can think of.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are 2-11 on the 2012 season and look to be headed for the worst finish in franchise history. They simultaneously rank 31st in both total offense and total defense and struggle to stay competitive in most games. It looks inevitable now that the Jaguars are going to replace general manager Gene Smith, but the Jaguars may need to take drastic measures.

Everything may need to be blown up. No more half measures. The Jaguars need a full measure.

The Jaguars defense needs to be rebuilt. The Jaguars offense needs to rebuilt. The Jaguars need a new quarterback. The Jaguars need pass rushers. The Jaguars need... well, everything.

It's also looking like the coaching staff is starting to lose the current team as well, as the players recently complained about having padded practices on the same days they're lifting. We've praised Mike Mularkey in the past for keeping the team stable during all the tough losses, but maybe everything is starting to come to head.

Burn it all down. Change everything.