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Don Banks speculates Gene Smith out in 2013

In four seasons with Gene Smith as general manager, the Jaguars have a 22-39 record.


The final three games of the 2012 season are likely to be Gene Smith's last as general manager of the Jaguars, according to Don Banks of Sports Illustrated. In his latest power rankings released on Wednesday, Banks gives the Jaguars the last spot in his ranking and gives a prediction of change on the way for the 2-11 team:

"From what I'm hearing, Shahid Kahn [sic] will not invite Jaguars general manager Gene Smith back in 2013. And if he's gone, head coach Mike Mularkey could very well be one and done as well. Change is on the way in Jacksonville."

The report is nothing very surprising, but adds more reason to believe that the expected changes at the conclusion of the season will include the firing of Smith and potentially the firing of Mike Mularkey as well.

Since taking over as general manager of the Jaguars after the 2008 season, the team has recorded a combined 22-39 record and hasn't recorded a winning season. Mularkey has a 2-11 record in his first season as head coach of the Jaguars, but had previous head coaching experience in two seasons with the Buffalo Bills.