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Jaguars GM search: Tom Gamble

The Jacksonville Jaguars will likely be replacing their general manager in the offseason, so it's time to begin looking at some of the candidates for the position, such as Tom Gamble. Gamble is a name who should be familiar to Jaguars fans if they've paid attention to the front offices in the AFC South, but probably isn't a household name.

Gamble was a college scout directly under Bill Polian from 1998 to 2004 with the Indianapolis Colts, helping build a dominant football team. It's believed that Gamble left the Colts in 2004 when Chris Polian was promoted to Asst. General Manager/Football Operations.

Currently Gamble serves as the San Francisco 49ers Director of Player Personnel after having served as the Director of Pro Personnel for the past seven years. Gamble interviewed for the St. Louis Rams general manager position last season and is likely going to be a target of teams in 2013.

While working closely with General Manager Trent Baalke, Gamble oversees both the college and pro personnel efforts. In his previous role, Gamble monitored every NFL roster with an emphasis on scouting talent of upcoming pro free agents, while also maintaining continuous depth of personnel on the 49ers roster. In 2010, Gamble had been assigned additional responsibilities in collegiate scouting in order to maximize the use of his extensive experience in talent evaluation.

One interesting note with Gamble is the fact that he works with a team who's believed to be involved with the new movement of using analytics, which is something the Jaguars are likely going to employ going forward.