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Jaguars vs. Dolphins score update: Jacksonville falls behind further, 16-3

The Jaguars failed to earn a first down in three consecutive drives and allowed three consecutive Dolphins drives of more than 60 yards.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Despite failing to earn a first down in the first three drives of third quarter and giving up three drives of 60 or more yards to the Dolphins offense, the Jaguars somehow only fell behind six points further and trail 16-3 with 15 minutes to play.

On the opening drive of the second half, the Dolphins drove 81 yards in 10 plays, but when the drive stalled, the team elected to attempt a fake field goal attempt instead of a short field goal. The pass was incomplete and kept the score within a touchdown, but the Jaguars offense struggled to take advantage.

In each of the first three offensive drives for the Jaguars in the second half, the Jaguars were unable to earn a first down. That continued to afford the Dolphins with opportunities to score. While they were unable to earn touchdowns, the three long drives in the quarter gave Dan Carpenter chances to hit field goals of 30 and 31 yards.