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Cecil Shorts III closing in on 1,000-yard season

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Shorts needs just 75 yards in the final two games to become the first Jaguars receiver in seven years to break 1,000 yards receiving.

Mike Ehrmann

The Jaguars have drafted 21 wide receivers in the history of the franchise and four in the first round, but not a single one of those receivers have eclipsed 1,000 yards receiving in a season. Only Jimmy Smith and Keenan McCardell, neither of whom were drafted by the Jaguars, have accomplished the mark for the team, but Cecil Shorts III is close to breaking that.

With only eight starts in his second season since being drafted in the fourth round out of Mount Union, Shorts has accumulated 925 yards receiving on 49 receptions and is second to only Buccaneers receiver Vincent Jackson in yards per reception. Averaging over 70 yards receiving per game, Shorts would finish with about 1,067 yards if he keeps up his current pace.

By doing so, Shorts would become the first Jaguars receiver since Smith in 2005 to break 1,000 yards. In the time since Smith broke that mark for the final time in his career, a 1,000-yard receiving season has been recorded well over 100 times by receivers throughout the NFL.