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Daryl Smith injury: Jaguars LB could return

Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Daryl Smith has a chance to return to play on Sunday against the New England Patriots.

Al Messerschmidt

The Jacksonville Jaguars have been without arguably their best defensive player the entire season up to this point, with linebacker Daryl Smith having suffered a groin injury in training camp. On Sunday however, it's possible that the Jaguars linebacker could get back on the field and return from injured reserve.

"Daryl, I’d say he’s probably got a better chance than Maurice Jones-Drew based on the way he’s taken steps this last week," Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey told reporters on Monday.

Smith was placed on injured reserve with designation to return earlier in the season. Back in October, Smith had surgery on his groin to try to expedite the healing process, but he's still missed the majority of the 2012 season.

"Again, this will be a big week. We’ve got to be smart with him, but I’d like to think he’s going to be able to line up. I think he’d like to think he is based on the way his whole demeanor has been," Mularkey said about Smith's return. "I know he feels better, but we’ve got to really test him this week."

I'm not sure how much adding Smith back to the defense will help, but it certainly can't hurt.