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Tony Dungy And The Jaguars

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While not a difficult scenario to imagine, former Bucs/Colts head coach Tony Dungy could begin to get the jitters and look to take over an NFL team this coming season. Could it be with the Jaguars?

Tony Dungy, possible Jaguars Head Coach
Tony Dungy, possible Jaguars Head Coach
Scott Halleran

I'll admit, Dungy and the Jaguars never ranked as a scenario that seemed likely, at least to me. I assumed, and still do, that Dungy would want to stay away from the Colts. There's no reason for him to agree to coach against a team with such regularity that regards him so highly. He is practically folk-lore in Indianapolis.

However, the Jaguars likely will finish with a 2-14 record and that leaves us, the fans, with our imaginations for a brighter future. Dungy would deliver a brighter future even if his level of success does not match his years in Indy, the future would still be brighter around Jacksonville.

So, I'll imagine the Jaguars do manage to get this star head coach. I'll imagine the Jaguars emerge as perennial playoff favorites as Matt Schaub gets older and the Titans continue to be awful. The Colts and Jaguars would once again rival for the divisional title, only this time the Jaguars would have Dungy.

For those of you that think Peyton Manning single-handedly won all those games in Indy, I urge you to look up the history Dungy had with the Bucs. When the Bucs won their Super Bowl, Jon Gruden essentially used Dungy's team. What coach that wins a championship in his first year truly built that team? None in the modern era.

I'll grant you that if I studied my history better, then maybe the Pottsville Maroons or a black and white photo from an old Harvard team could yield some answers, but none that fit this scenario.

Sure, Dungy really would help the team. Fans would be excited whether they wanted to be or not. However, there exists one, small caveat.

In an interview on the Dan Patrick show roughly three weeks ago, Dungy revealed who he would take first overall if given the opportunity: QB Aaron Murray, GA.

Now, if your jaw just dropped, don't worry. You're not alone. I'm not a huge fan of Murray, though he does have good tools. I just didn't necessarily see him as a first overall pick.

Patrick pressed Dungy about it and Dungy willingly explained that Murray had babysat Dungy's kids and that Dungy grew intimately familiar with Murray's work ethic. Dungy mentioned that Murray's work ethic, as well as his countless hours studying film reminded Dungy of the way Peyton Manning (yes, really) worked off the field. Dungy also mentioned that Murray's character was a standout attribute. It really sounded good the way he told it.

I apologize for not recording the show and for not having the actual quotes. While these aren't quotes, I can tell you they are close enough for perspective and insight. What do you think?