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Jeff Prosser does not like Big Cat Country

1010XL morning radio host Jeff Prosser does not like Big Cat Country. He spent an hour talking about it on his radio show.


I'll start by saying: I enjoy Sports Final Radio on 1010XL generally, the Tebow and Gator pom-poms get obnoxious at times, but I still listen on my morning drive to drop my daughter off at day care every day. I'll sometimes listen when I get back home and am in the office working as well. I willfully listen to it and will continue to listen to it despite what Jeff Prosser, one of the hosts, did this morning because i find the show as a whole entertaining and better than the alternative on the competing radio station. I've been a guest on Mike Dempsey's show multiple times and if he continues to ask me to come on, I will.

However, I do have an issue when someone like Jeff Prosser chooses to pontificate on air without actually having the proper information and using second hand information, bordering on defamation.

"You would hope people's football opinions can disagree without insults," Prosser said at the end of his show. I agree, Jeff. It can. Which is why I'm confused as to why you were so upset about what I tweeted this morning. You claim you don't read Twitter and someone else told you what I said, and it was "vile and vulgar". Well, I'll present you with what I actually said, since you haven't read it and you don't read Twitter. Also because the e-mail I sent you with what I actually said you said on air you deleted without even reading:

So, there it is for everyone to see; My vile and vulgar tweets about Jeff Prosser spending an hour talking about Tim Tebow being successful in the NFL. I'm not sure what people told you I said that got you so upset Jeff, but that's what I said.

I freely admit I'm an asshole and rub a lot of people the wrong way, and I accept that. However, if you're going to drone on and on about someone tweeting "vile and vulgar things" you should probably actually research what was said and read what was said, instead of going off second hand information from callers. I mean, you have a journalism degree after all. You made your credentials abundantly clear. I don't have a journalism degree, but I do know that they teach you to actually verify information before you run with it. I believe it's called slander, but I could be wrong.

I and another Big Cat Country writer even tried to call into the show, but were turned away because they "did not have time" and were asked to stop calling the show. That's fine, but don't beat your chest on air about "any time any place" if you aren't even going to field a call or read an e-mail, but then choose to continue on a rant based on incorrect information. Well, incorrect information or we have a totally different definition of what "vile and vulgar" is.

Prosser then went on to mock Big Cat Country for their coverage and predictions prior to the season, reading a camp report from June about how Gabbert looked much improved and Chad Henne needed to play much better or hope for a Gabbert nose dive to get the starting job, since that was apparently woefully incorrect observation at the time. Or maybe it was a prediction? I'm not sure what his point was by reading it.

While pontificating about professionalism and having a journalism degree, Prosser decides to crack the joke that everyone on Twitter is a "DB" (aka, douche bag, deadbeats, or maybe we all play defensive back) and that "Twitter people should all shoot each other." Haha, funny joke, Jeff! Gun violence! Real topical.

It's possible he said it in the heat of the moment, I say dumb things too. He then backpedaled heavily after someone e-mailed him complaining about making light of the Newtown tragedy.

"Twitter people should shoot each other? I'm kinda torn on that actually. Is it fair or what?"

Well, when you put it that way as a joke, it makes it better.

Oh well. I'll still tune in tomorrow when I drop my daughter off, Jeff. Thanks for the attention, however I know it's not personal, doesn't bother you, and you don't care.

And with that, I'm done with it. Thanks for the pageviews.