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Big Cat Country's Airing of Grievances

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It's that time of year again! Festivus is nigh and we shall air our Jaguars grievances!

While many of us celebrate the Holiday Season with gifts and singing and gleeful merriment, Jaguars fans have very few reasons to be joyful and gay. That being said, some of us here at Big Cat Country take part in holiday called Festivus. So gather around the dinner table (mind the sharp edges as we found it on the side of I-95), revel in the majesty of the Festivus Pole, and prepare to air out some grievances as we lash out at each other and point out how the the Jaguars have disappointed us!

  1. Tim Tebow - After a long courtship process that ended with Tebow giving the city of Jacksonville a rose and screaming, "SEE YA, BROS I'M GOING TO THE BIG CITY!" (allegedly), Tebow proceeded to be a non-issue for the Jets. Seeing the field at random intervals during the game much like a guest star on an episode of Community shows up regardless of the plot, Tebow proceeded to fizzle and stutter. After all the ridiculousness of the off-season, you'd have thought Tebow's play would give Jaguars fans a definitive answer as to his potential, but Gator Jaguars fans still wish to see him wearing Orange and Blue Black and Teal.
  2. Blaine Gabbert - We assumed your rookie season was just the product of an early start without a full and complete training camp. We did not assume that Gabbert's performance would be almost as bad with a full off-season of OTAs, mini-camps, and a full training camp. Looking much like a scared puppy running through a crowded intersection, Gabbert proceeded to scamper about aimlessly while missing open receivers. Also, dude cut his hair. C'mon. It was really pretty.
  3. Chad Henne - How bad were the Dolphins if Chad Henne was their starter?
  4. Maurice Jones Drew - While we can't say that MJD himself was disappointing as he was injured, his injury in itself was disappointing. After a long off-season of holdout talk, MJD was poised to be the workhorse running back that Jacksonville has been accustomed to seeing. However, after injuring his foot, MJD has been sidelined leaving little for Jaguars fans to look forward to.
  5. Rashad Jennings - After looking electric in the pre-season, Jennings looked hesitant at times, never hitting gaps at speed. When compared to expectations, Jennings' play was baffling at the beginning of the season. In what is an important contract year for Jennings, performance on the field has no come close to expectations.
  6. Tyson Alualu - What are you doing?
  7. Jaguars CBs - What are y'all doing?
  8. Jaguars DL - What are y'all doing?
  9. Jaguars Defense - WHAT ARE Y'ALL DOING?
  10. Jacksonville Print Media - Please explain to me how Bolles High School Football is so entertaining? Maybe I need to write a post stating why Corky Rogers should coach the Jaguars...
  11. Jacksonville Radio - C'mon... Due to several accidents, I only have hearing in one ear. However, I proceed to ruin my good ear listening to this city's two fine sports talk radio stations because it reminds that I have the ability to communicate without sounding as obtuse and ill-informed as the hosts of said radio stations. While it is a generally accepted tactic to play to the listeners and be 'homers', ignoring facts and acting as if contrary opinion is always wrong is irresponsible. I can put nose-plugs on and make broad, sweeping statements all day long too.
  12. Jag Rag - Jag Rag? Really? We're making a JAG RAG? Y'all are going to be waving that rag around Everbank like Steeler fans? C'mon. If you want to sell something really indicative of the Jaguars fan experience, sell high-proof liquor or maybe something that hits harder than that. Like meth.
  13. Jaguars fans - Stop complaining so much.
  14. The Bell - While honoring Active-duty and Retired services members is laudable and praise-worthy, ringing a bell before the fourth quarter sounds neither ominous nor badass. It sounds sad and it doesn't get me pumped up at all.
  15. Gene Smith - 88 roster moves. 88. 'nuff said.

That's all we can think of while having a conference around the keg water cooler at Big Cat Country HQ. Air your grievances in the comments below. Happy Holidays, Jags fans!