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Bold City Brigade, Teal Street Hooligans, Jaxson De Ville final tailgate of 2012

The Bold City Brigade, Teal Street Hooligans, and Jaxson DeVille wil be circling up and throwing down for the Jaguars final tailgate of the 2012 season.

Most of you by now should be familiar with the Bold City Brigade and possibly the Teal Street Hooligans. They're both some of the biggest and best Jaguars support groups out there and they'll be holding an end of the season tailgate on Sunday, prior to the Jacksonville Jaguars kicking off against the New England Patriots.

Not only will these two groups be circling up for one last time in 2012, but they'll be joined by Jaguars mascot Jaxson DeVille for the final tailgate of the season.

Circle up, boys and girls.