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Jaguars vs. Bills final score: Jacksonville out-matched on the road, 34-18

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Chad Henne struggled in a game that featured sloppy weather throughout, although he connected with Cecil Shorts III seven times for 77 yards and a touchdown.

Rick Stewart

Had it not been for a muffed punt in the fourth quarter that set the Jaguars up for a five-yard touchdown pass from Chad Henne to Cecil Shorts III with just over 10 minutes remaining, the rout in favor of the Bills would've looked even worse. To put it simply, the Jaguars were dominated in the second half in every facet.

After two straight weeks of very strong play from Chad Henne, the Jaguars quarterback struggled against the Bills. He wasn't helped by cold, rainy weather that made for a sloppy game and he also received very few favors from his receivers, but he certainly didn't look like the guy that found plenty of success against the Texans and Titans.

Bills cornerback Stephon Gilmore shut down fellow rookie Justin Blackmon for most of the game as Henne completed just 18 of his 41 pass attempts to finish with a 57.8 passer rating. The run game was very little help either, as the Jaguars turned to the pass game early after Rashad Jennings left with a head injury.

Also suffering from a head injury was Shorts, but not before the second-year receiver became only the fifth different Jaguars receiver to accumulate 800+ yards in a season and the sixth to catch seven touchdowns.

Is everyone ready for a week of talk about the Jets quarterback situation?!