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Jaguars avoid blackouts without buying up tickets

The Jaguars have avoided blackouts all season long, without assistance from the team buying up tickets to avoid them.


The Jacksonville Jaguars are too often erroneously the butt end of attendance jokes by the national media, but once again haven't had a blackout all season. Often members of the media, such as Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, continuously insinuate that the Jaguars buy up the unsold tickets to avoid blackouts, but that's apparently not the case.

This weekend as the team prepares to take on the New England Patriots, the Jaguars have removed 4 tarps off the stadium because of ticket demand, as the team expects to sell over 70,000 tickets for the regular season home finale. I've been told that it's not just Patriots fans buying tickets, but a good mix of Patriots and Jaguars fans gobbling them up.

So once again, if you're mocking the Jaguars for fan turn out, you're just making yourself look silly.