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Tim Tebow trade rumors: Jaguars mum, news likely from agent

There are plenty of holes in the "Tebow to Jaguars" rumors floating about.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported over the weekend that it's a "virtual certainty" that the Tim Tebow will be playing quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2012, citing league sources. Mortensen also reported that a team source told him the Jaguars will have an open competition at the quarterback position, which makes sense, but that Tebow would have a chance to win.

Forgetting about the whole issue that the only person knowing this would be owner Shad Khan, since the entire front office is about to be fired: why would the owner hamstring his own general manager search for Tebow?

I'm not the only one who found the timing and the news itself a bit fishy.

From Ryan O'Halloran of the Florida Times-Union:

Asked if a representative from the Tebow camp is responsible for the rumor, a Jaguars team source said: "What do you think?" The source agreed with the implication that Tebow's people are trying to create interest in him for the 2013 season.

When the news first broke, I immediately went to the "pump the brakes" on the news, because it just didn't make sense. The timing of the news, the news itself, and who would be leaking it just doesn't really add up given the Jaguars situation.

Couple this with the news that Tebow has now apparently refused to even play in wildcat packages with the Jets, can we kill the "great teammate and leader" hype? I wrote last week there was really only one way for Tebow to come to the Jaguars and it not be disaster, but I guess he's still stuck on playing quarterback.

I can't really blame him for being frustrated and wanting to play quarterback, but he's kind of being a big baby about it. You don't refuse to play like that if you're such a good teammate.