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Tim Tebow rumors: Jaguars HC Mike Mularkey not interested in talking

Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey isn't interested in talking about Tim Tebow.


Unfortunately for most Jacksonville Jaguars fans their 2-13 record on the season isn't bothersome enough, but now they've been bludgeoned with talk of Tim Tebow coming to town. During Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey's press conference on Monday, he didn't want to speak too much about the New York Jets third string quarterback.

There were some reports that the Jaguars aggressively went after Tim Tebow at the trade deadline this year, but if they did Mularkey was not aware of it.

"No I wasn't, and I am not going to talk about that," Mularkey told reporters. "I don't talk about other players on other teams right now."

Mularkey almost slipped up however when he was asked why the Jaguars would be interested in a guy who can't play quarterback. "Again, I am not going to talk about other guys on other rosters," said Mularkey.

"Good effort though," he quipped.

And that will about conclude our Tim Tebow talk, until it's actually relevant again.... which it probably will be.