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Andy Reid, Nick Saban Jaguars head coach candidates?

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The Jacksonville Jaguars could potentially fire Mike Mularkey after the season, and some names have already popped up as candidates.

I'll take it
I'll take it
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There are rumors abound that the Jacksonville Jaguars could be firing head coach Mike Mularkey after just one season on the job. Coupled with those rumors now are possible candidates for the head coaching job and they're some pretty big names.

According to Don Banks of Sports Illustrated, Shad Khan could be targeted Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid and Alabama head coach Nick Saban:

On the coaching front, soon-to-be ex-Eagles coach Andy Reid and Alabama's Nick Saban are two big names being floated, but both would come at a hefty cost, if they were even interested in the Jaguars. If Jacksonville swung for the fences and missed, Denver offensive coordinator Mike McCoy is a young head coaching candidate who has generated strong reviews for his work the past two seasons with both Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning. Getting the quarterback position fixed in Jacksonville is obviously a top priority, with Blaine Gabbert showing only flashes of production in his first two NFL seasons.

While Nick Saban's name popping up is an eye brow raiser, personally I think that's just a name being thrown around and one that will be linked to plenty of open jobs.

Andy Reid on the other hand I think would be a wonderful hire for Shad Khan that would also be a "splash" hire. While the Eagles have disappointed the past two seasons, a lot of that has been because of the mismanagement of the roster more than the actual coaching by Reid. While Reid has a big hand in the personnel moves, on the next team he coaches that power is likely going to be in the hands of someone else.

Think of it similarly to when Tom Coughlin got another job after the Jaguars. He fumbled up the personnel side of the team, but was still an excellent coach. With those decisions now out of Coughlin's hands, he's still an excellent coach and can focus on that. I think Reid fits the same category and would be a nice fit for laid back Jacksonville.