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Maurice Jones-Drew placed on Jaguars IR

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The Jaguars have placed Maurice Jones-Drew on injured reserve.


The Jacksonville Jaguars have finally placed running back Maurice Jones-Drew on injured reserve, the team announced on Friday. Jones-Drew injured his foot against the Oakland Raiders in the middle of October, leaving after the second play of the game.

Jones-Drew's injury was originally feared as a Lisfranc injury, but the Jaguars denied those reports and insisted he would make it back before the end of the season. After returning to practice last week, Jones-Drew sat out the home finale against the New England Patriots and now his 2012 season is over.

Jones-Drew ended the 2012 season with 414 rushing yards, which oddly enough still leads the team in rushing for the season. The Jaguars have been hit hard with injuries at the running back position.

The future of Maurice Jones-Drew with the Jaguars remains up in the air after his holdout prior to the season and the fact that there is likely to be a total regime change. There is some belief the team will try to trade Jones-Drew in the offseason, but now teams will be wondering about his health.

To fill Jones-Drew's roster position, the Jaguars have signed defensive tackle Jerome Long off the Kansas City Chiefs practice squad.