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Jagurs QB Chad Henne comes back to Earth

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The Jacksonville Jaguars traveled to Buffalo to try to pick up back to back wins, but quarterback Chad Henne's play left a lot to be desired.

Tom Szczerbowski

After the Jacksonville Jaguars 34-18 loss to the Buffalo Bills, the team is still searching for it's first set of back-to-back wins since the 2010 season. Sunday's loss looked a lot more like the Jaguars fans have been used to seeing, rather than the explosive team that has played the past two weeks.

After taking an early 10-7 lead in the second quarter, it was all down hill after a massive shift in momentum when the Jaguars allowed a quick scoring drive after a big kick return and then Mario Williams stripped Chad Henne, recovering the fumble and putting the Bills right in striking distance. The Jaguars held for a field goal, but watched the Bills score 17 unanswered points after the turnover.

Henne on the day was sporadic, often missing on his throws down the football field. He suffered and handful of drops, but also missed on quite a few ill-advised passes down the middle of the field. Henne ended the day completing just 43.9 percent of his passes for 208 yards a touchdown and an interception. Henne was much close to the player we saw against the Oakland Raiders than the guy from two weeks ago.

Such is the career of Chad Henne, though.

The Jaguars fall to 2-10 with the loss and reach double-digit losses for the second season in a row. It's the fastest the Jaguars have ever reached double-digit losses in franchise history and the worst record in franchise history is still possible if the team finishes the year 3-13.