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Jason Babin Jaguars debut an uneventful one

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The Jaguars claimed defensive end Jason Babin off of waivers earlier in the week, but his debut start against the Buffalo Bills was rathe uneventful.

Tom Szczerbowski

Jason Babin started for the Jacksonville Jaguars against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, thanks to an injury to normal starter Austen Lane that left him inactive. The Jaguars claimed Babin and his contract during the week after he was released by the Philadelphia Eagles, and Babin failed to really make a positive impact on the defense in his first game.

Babin started the game and played the first seven snaps on defense, of which the Bills marched right down the football field and scored, with Babin getting no pressure on quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and being completely blocked out of running plays.

Babin ended the day with just four tackles, including a tackle for lass, but didn't pressure the quarterback or even land a hit on Fitzpatrick. Well, that's not right, Babin did hit Fitzpatrick high and was flagged for roughing the passer, but that was as close as he got on the day.

"I am critical of myself," Babin told reporters after the game. "I made some technique errors in other areas, but we will get them cleaned up. The styles and techniques are a little different, just try to play them the way I was coached and with a little more time I think we will get them cleaned up."

There shouldn't have been too much expected from Babin in his first game as a Jaguar, but it was no different than the prior weeks without Babin on the field.