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Will Tim Tebow start against the Jaguars?

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The New York Jets haven't decided on who will start at quarterback against the Jacksonville Jaguars, so the question looms; Will it be Tim Tebow?


While the Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback position has been decided until at least the end of the season, the New York Jets position is exceedingly muddled after Sunday's win over the Arizona Cardinals. The incumbent starter, Mark Sanchez, was benched for Greg McElroy in the second half and McElroy led the Jets to a victory.

This has now mucked up the position, leading almost a 3-way battle for the starting position on Sunday in Jacksonville.

"Right now, I definitely need a little more time to make that decision," Jets head coach Rex Ryan told reporters on Monday. "I'm comfortable and confident with all 3 quarterbacks. I think all three guys have now proven they can win in this league.... But I'll make that decision as the week goes on."

So, of course this means all week we'll get to hear all about how Tim Tebow should start against his "hometown team" and what not.

"I got three good quarterbacks. I feel good about three quarterbacks," Ryan added. "I think we're in a lot better situation than probably a lot of teams."

Sure you are Rex.

Sure you are.