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Gene Smith to be fired by Jaguars, according to report

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are expected to fire Gene Smith, according to a report.


The Jacksonville Jaguars are expected to fire general manager Gene Smith, according to a report by Adam Schefter of ESPN.

The Jacksonville Jaguars will fire general manager Gene Smith, but the fate of coach Mike Mularkey could turn out to be in the hands of Cardinals director of player personnel Jason Licht or 49ers director of player personnel Tom Gamble who are the primary candidates for the team's general manager's job, according to sources.

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The news of Gene Smith's impending firing shouldn't be much a surprise, as it's been speculated for weeks by multiple outlets. All that is now left for Gene Smith is for the firing to actually happen, which will likely occur on Monday. The Jaguars will need to relieve Gene Smith and get a head start on hiring their new general manager because there will be multiple teams looking for new general managers.

The move will likely be made official on Monday afternoon.

Another interesting note is that Tom Gamble has been linked to the Jaguars in nearly every rumor concerning a possible new general manager.