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Jaguars vs. Titans final score: The most fitting, just and perfect finale

It's over, everyone. Finally over and done with.


And so ends the worst season in Jaguars history and with it will go the job of general manager Gene Smith, according to reports. Despite giving up only one touchdown on defense, the Jaguars managed to lose 38-21 by becoming the first team to ever give up two punt return touchdowns and two interception return touchdowns in the same game.

It was a fitting and just finale for a team that was bad on many levels throughout the 2012 season, but particularly bad in the loss was the play of quarterback Chad Henne. After starting strong with two touchdown passes to Jordan Shipley and Justin Blackmon, he threw three interceptions, including two that were returned for touchdowns by Zach Brown.

The loss clinched the first selection of the second, fourth and sixth rounds of the 2013 NFL Draft and they can earn the first picks in the first, third, fifth and seventh rounds with a Chiefs victory. However, the Chiefs are traveling to play the Denver Broncos, a team that has an opportunity to clinch homefield advantage throughout the playoffs with a win.