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Jaguars GM search to begin immediately, according to Shad Khan

The Jaguars will begin their search for a new general manager immediately, according to owner Shad Khan.

The Jacksonville Jaguars fired general manager Gene Smith on Monday morning, and according to Jaguars owner Shad Khan the search for a new general manager will begin immediately.

"Now it is time for the Jacksonville Jaguars to begin a new chapter. We're not looking back. I've made it clear from Day One that we pledge nothing less than to deliver the first Super Bowl championship to Jacksonville," Khan said via a press release sent to the media. "Our fans have been remarkably loyal over the years, and they were truly outstanding this past season. We simply must do better for our fans.

"Our organization's business unit had an extremely impressive year and I anticipate even better days ahead in 2013 and beyond, but we all understand this is a football business above all else," Khan continued. "With that, I'm determined to find the right man to lead our football operations, someone who shares my vision, understands the commitment we will demand, and is qualified and ready to seize this opportunity. That search begins today."

There have been a couple of names already linked to the Jaguars, such as Tom Gamble and Jason Licht, but the search will begin immediately.

If I had to guess, I would say the Jaguars will likely have their new general manager by the end of the week.