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Mike Mularkey's fate as Jaguars head coach in new GM's hands

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The Jaguars have fired their GM, but the fate of head coach Mike Mularkey is still undecided.

Frederick Breedon

The Jacksonville Jaguars have fired general manager Gene Smith, but the fate of head coach Mike Mularkey has yet to be decided. Many, including myself, believe the Jaguars should do a full house cleaning and bring in a new coaching staff with their new general manager.

Unsurprisingly however, it seems the Jaguars will wait until their new general manager is in place before coming to a decision on the future of Mike Mularkey.

I would guess the Jaguars have their new general manager by the end of the week so they can go ahead and decide the future of the coaching staff and get a jump start if the plan is to go another direction. Mularkey has been underwhelming as a coach in his first season, with a 2-14 record and many in-game coaching mistakes.