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Fantasy Football 2012: Big Cat Country 'Mega-League' Championship Final:

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After winning their individual Big Cat Country Fantasy Football Leagues our victorious game managers looked to decide who could call themselves the greatest fantasy coach in the land for 2012. Week 17, the deciding game of the Big Cat Country ‘Mega-League’.

The Match-up of dreams
The Match-up of dreams
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Matchup:

Monday Morning RB - Champion of the Big Cat Country #1 League:

(9-5 Final Record): Manager - Scott Sokoloff

Week 17 Starting Lineup Chosen:

QB - Russell Wilson (SEA): 25.8 points

WR - Brian Hartline (MIA): 6.9 points

WR - Jeremy Kerley (NYJ): 10.8 points

RB - Marshawn Lynch (SEA): 13.4 points

RB - Jamaal Charles (KC): 6.7 points

TE - Aaron Hernandez (NE): 4.4 points

Flex - Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG): 23.8 points

D - Dolphins D/ST: -2 points

K - Shane Graham (HOU): 12 points

Total For Week 17: 101.8 points


QB - Josh Freeman (TB): 11.98 points

RB - Shonn Greene (NYJ): 7.7 points

RB - Stevan Ridley (NE): 19.4 points

WR - Darrius Heyward-Bey (OAK):7.3 points

WR - Robert Stokley (DEN): 4.9 points

WR - Robert Meachem (SD): 0 points

TE - Mercedes Lewis (JAX): 12.3 points

D - Minnesota D/ST: 4 points

Best Lineup Possible: 128.8 points - By starting Ridley over Charles (+12.7 points), Lewis over Hernandez (+7.9 points), Heyward-Bay over Hartline (+0.4 points), and Minnesota D over the Dolphins (+6 points).


Slickers - Champion of the Big Cat Country #2 League

(9-5 Final Record): Manager - Richard Corrao- BCC Member Zoxitic

Week 17 Starting Lineup Chosen:

QB - Colin Kaepernick (SF): 19.54 points
WR - Dez Bryant (DAL): 7.10 points
WR - Denario Alexander (SD): 9.4 points
RB - Adrian Peterson (MN): 34.10 points
RB - Alfred Morris (WASH): 45.20 points
TE - Vernon Davis (SF): 0.5 points
Flex - DeMarco Murray (DAL): 8.2 points
D - Baltimore D/ST: 3 points

K - Shane Graham (HOU): 12 points
Total For Week 17: 139.04 points


QB - Andrew Luck (IND): 15.74 points

RB -Stevan Ridley (NE): 19.40 points

RB - Vick Ballard (IND): 14.70 points

WR - T.Y. Hilton (IND): 20.10 points

WR - Mike Wallace (PIT): 0 points

WR - Golden Tate (SEA): 13.5 points

TE - Jeff Cumberland (NYJ): 3.6 points

D - Carolina D/ST: 1 point

Best Lineup Possible: 170.44 points - By starting Ridley over Murray in the flex (+11.2 points), Hilton over Alexander (+10.7 points), Tate over Bryant (+6.4 points), and Cumberland over Davis (+3.1 points).

BigCatCountry ‘Mega-League' Championship Final:

Monday Morning RB: 101.8

Slickers: 139.04

In dominating fashion, Team Slickers (Mr. Richard Corrao aka BCC Member Zoxitic) your BCC Fantasy Football Champion of 38 total fantasy players. Congrats sir.

**I'm also interested in knowing who the winner was of the BCC FF #3 league was and how he/she matched up. Let me know guys. Good luck next year!*