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Montell Owens likely to start at RB for Jaguars

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The Jacksonville Jaguars will likely be starting fullback Montell Owens at running back, dealing with injuries at the position.


The Jacksonville Jaguars have been snakebitten at the running back position during the 2012 season. Maurice Jones-Drew went down against the Oakland Raiders and hasn't play since, and once again looks to be sidelined on Sunday against the New York Jets. Rashad Jennings suffered a concussion against the Buffalo Bills and Jalen Parmele hit injured reserve last week.

Fullback and special teams ace Montell Owens, who's also dealt with injuries this year, looks to get the start on Sunday.

"Right now Montell Owens would be the starter," Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey told reporters on Monday. "I think when he’s had his opportunities, which has been very few, I’ve been pretty pleased with the way Montell Owens has run the ball even down there before we got that penalty on Cameron Bradfield. That was a good run.

"obviously, his specialty is special teams, but he’s just a really good football player," Mularkey added. "A really good football player."