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Jacksonville Jaguars news roundup

Some Jacksonville Jaguars news from around the internet you may have missed.

Tom Szczerbowski

Babin on Eagles' changes |

The Philadelphia Eagles reacted to their seventh straight loss last week by waiving defensive end Jason Babin, who was scooped up by the Jaguars. Their streak at eight games, the Eagles fired long-time Babin ally Jim Washburn, the team’s defensive line coach. "I don’t like to see anybody get fired … but you knew they wanted to do that," Babin said. "I could tell there were some feelings between Coach [Andy] Reid and ‘Wash’ that were on the surface and you could feel the tension a little bit. Everybody knew he wouldn’t be there next year anyway."

Jerry Sullivan Deserves Recognition - Black and Teal - A Jacksonville Jaguars Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.

When Mike Mularkey became head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars we saw talent come to the Jaguars like we haven’t seen in a long, long time. Coaching was a big part of that talent influx. With Mularkey came Bob Bratkowski and Jerry Sullivan. Sullivan, a very gifted receivers coach, looked like he had his work cut out for him when he got to Jacksonville. Even while the season flounders, though, his unit is a bright spot for the Jaguars. While the improved play of Chad Henne can be pointed to for the explosion of offensive production for the Jaguars, getting the ball to some playmakers has been made easier with much better route running and plays on the ball by the receivers. Even before Henne came in and started lighting things up, Cecil Shorts III was on pace to be the first 1,000 yard receiver for the team since 2005.

Setting the table: Jaguars vs. Jets

The Jaguars enter Week 14 once again searching for a buzz. The team had gained momentum with a victory over the Tennessee Titans in late November, a victory that followed an overtime loss at 11-1 Houston. The Jaguars had two of their best offensive games of the season those two weeks, scoring 37 and 24 points with quarterback Chad Hennethrowing for nearly 600 yards and six touchdowns. The Jaguars (2-10) this past week lost, 34-18, to the Buffalo Bills, a game in which steady rain and heavy wind limited the passing game while the Bills outrushed the Jaguars 242-50. The task this week: regroup and begin to use the final four games to set a tone for the offseason and next season.