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Is Mel Tucker a head coach candidate for Wisconsin?

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Jacksonville Jaguars defensive coordinator Mel Tucker's name has been mentioned in head coaching rumors for the Wisconsin Badgers.

Mike Ehrmann

The Wisconsin Badgers are looking for a new head coach, now that Brett Bielema left for Arkansas. A name that has emerged as a possible candidate is Jacksonville Jaguars defensive coordinator Mel Tucker.

There are also rumors that Tucker has been asked to interview for the position, but I cannot confirm those rumors at this time.

Tucker returned to be the Jaguars defensive coordinator in 2012 after serving as the interim head coach when Jack Del Rio was fired during the 2011 season. Originally hired in 2009 as the Jaguars defensive coordinator, Tucker has roots in the Big Ten having played at Wisconsin and coaching at Ohio State.

Tucker was thought to be a rising head coaching candidate, so his alma mater's interest in him shouldn't be too much of a surprise.