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Mark Sanchez will start for Jets vs. Jaguars

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The New York Jets have announced that Mark Sanchez will start at quarterback against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.


There was some questions about who would start at quarterback for the New York Jets leading up to their matchup Sunday with the Jacksonville Jaguars, but that question has finally been answered. The Jets have announced that they will be going back to Mark Sanchez for Sunday's game.

There was some speculation that the Jets might roll with Greg McElroy, who helped the Jets beat the Arizona Cardinals 7-6 last week, but the Jets general manager and owner wanted Sanchez at the helm again and the team has obliged. Oddly enough, there was not much talk about Tim Tebow getting the nod at quarterback, outside of idle speculation and hope.

As I mentioned on Monday, it's possible that Tim Tebow won't even be on the active gameday roster come Sunday, missing out on his chance to play in his hometown for a second time.

". . . and lo, there will be gnashing of teeth and rending of jorts."