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Jaguars GM search: Eric DeCosta

The Jacksonville Jaguars will likely be replacing their general manager in the offseason, so it's time to begin looking at some of the candidates for the position, such as Eric DeCosta. DeCosta is a name that a lot of fans are familiar with because he's been a target of teams for a few years now. DeCosta is the Baltimore Ravens assistant general manager, taking a new contract to keep him on board last season.

DeCosta turned down a few interviews last season because he's the heir apparent to Ozzie Newsome as the Ravens general manager, so he's going to be hard to acquire. He will likely be the top priority for most teams looking for a general manager so the offer will have to be lucrative and likely giving DeCosta total control over the franchise.

DeCosta has over 16 years of experience scouting both college and pro and has been a part of one of the most successful drafting franchises in the modern NFL. DeCosta was first hired in 1996 as a player personnel assistant and was promoted to a Mid-West Area Scout in 1998, continuously working his way up the food chain under Ozzie Newsome.