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New kickoff rule: Do you like Roger Goodell's idea?

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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell floated the idea of drastically changing how kickoffs are done in the NFL, in a response to try to make the game safer.

Patrick Smith

In a recent expose in Time magazine, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell floated the idea of eliminating kickoffs from the NFL and inserting a new method of "kicking off" to the other team to begin the game or after a score.

The idea behind the new method is to place the football at the 30 yard line and give the "kicking" team the opportunity to either punt the football or attempt to get a first down on a single play that is setup as a 4th-and-15. Quite a few major injuries have occurred on kickoffs and the NFL has already modified them somewhat to attempt to limit that, from eliminating the "wedge" to moving the kickoff point ahead, increasing the likelihood of a touchback.

So essentially, the kickoff would be replaced with a punt from the 30 yard line while an onside kick would be replaced with a one-shot 4th and 15 play. Obviously something would need to be in place to prevent a cheap first down on something like defensive holding or just trying for a cheap pass interference.

If I had the option to modify this idea, I would say make it 4th-and-10 from the 30 yard line and if a team wants to "onside kick" it, they have to fake the punt.

Personally, I like the idea. I have heard people on the radio complain that kickoffs are one of the most exciting plays in football, but for me that's when I check the scores of other games, use the restroom, or go get another beer.

So how do you feel about the rule? Do you like it? What would you do in place of the initial idea to eliminate the kickoff?