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Jacksonville Jaguars news roundup

Some Jacksonville Jaguars news from around the internet you may have missed.


Landry brothers on opposite sides Sunday |

They both play safety. End of similarities for Dawan and LaRon Landry The brothers will be on the same regular-season field Sunday when Dawan’s Jaguars play LaRon’s New York Jets at EverBank Field. "Two totally different personalities," Jets linebacker Bart Scott said. "Dawan is more laid back and relaxed. LaRon is always on ’10.’ Always hyper, always pacing." Among the differences: Dawan, 29, was a fifth-round pick in 2006 by Baltimore; LaRon, 28, was the sixth overall selection by Washington a year later. LaRon has a pet monkey; Dawan doesn’t.

Jaguars Notebook: Kick coverage units in flux |

Jaguars special teams coach John Bonamego should be considered fortunate the back of each player’s jersey includes a last name. Seemingly each week this year, there has been a first-day-of-school feel. Introductions and new teaching is required. "We’ve had a revolving door with some personnel because of injuries or trying to improve the roster — you kind of expect that in your first year," Bonamego said. The result has been inconsistency. Entering Sunday’s game against the New York Jets, the Jaguars rank 26th and 24th in punt and kickoff returns and ninth and 29th in punt and kickoff coverage.

Montell Owens: "Just getting more reps"

Now is not a time to change approach. That’s how Montell Owenssees his week, even considering the opportunity at hand. He has played seven NFL seasons, and throughout that time, he has prepared, worked, done what was asked. Doing so got him into the NFL, kept him with the Jaguars, and put him in two Pro Bowls. So, now he should change? Because his role is different? No, Owens said, just because this week might be an opportunity for which he has waited his whole career doesn’t mean he can act any differently. "It doesn’t change," Owens said as the Jaguars (2-10) prepared to play the New York Jets (5-7) at EverBank Field Sunday at 1 p.m.

10 Things

The week was about the periphery; Sunday is not. That may be the most important thing for the Jaguars to remember entering these final couple of days preparing for the New York Jets – that while there has been a lot of talk from the opposing market about who’s playing quarterback for that team and a lot of talk from the local market about who’s not playing quarterback for that team... All that stuff? It’s periphery. It’s mid-week stuff. It’s ESPN stuff, and it’s NFL Network stuff, and it’s local television, newspaper, radio stuff and, shoot, it may even be Twitter stuff. But it’s not important stuff. At least not once Sunday rolls around.