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Jets vs. Jaguars reaction: Frustration is the only word

The picture says it all.

1JagHomer via Twitter

The Jacksonville Jaguars lost another home game on Sunday against the New York Jets, 17-10, falling to 2-11 on the season. The Jaguars are now just one loss away from tying the most losses in franchise history, set by the inaugural Jaguars team in 1995.

Frustration is really the only word that can be used to describe the season. There's not really anything you can do mid-season once you realize you're bad. You're just bad. You can move pieces around to change things in the short term, but it will all still settle out because you're a bad football team.

At one point in the game sitting in the stands I said out loud "When is the last time Chad Henne completed a pass? Before halftime?" This was because from the middle of the second quarter until the fourth quarter touchdown drive, Chad Henne missed on 9 of 11 passes, including multiple series of quick three and outs without a completion. Henne was off much of the day, even when the receivers were open.

The only real positive I took away from the game was the lack of Tim Tebow jerseys in the stands. I walked up to the stadium trying to spot them on the way, but they were few and far between. I saw more Wayne Chrebet and Joe Namath jerseys than Tebow ones. Not only that, but the couple of Jets fans I spoke with asked if we could take Tebow off their hands.

For the game billed by outside observers as Tebow fans coming out in droves and the most anticipated game, as far as attendance, it didn't look any different than a normal game for me. The game against the Chicago Bears had more people in the stands despite the game against the Jets pushing literally 15 more tickets.

Once again, the farce of Tebow shows itself.