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Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

Attention to detail

Sylvester Croom has coached long enough to know what’s important. That’s one reason the Jaguars’ new running backs coach wasn’t annoyed, bored or anything except very interested late last week when the team’s newly compiled offensive staff spent a few hours one morning on one page of the team’s evolving playbook. Croom, 57, the former head coach at Mississippi State and a 20-year NFL assistant, said that morning was about details so small many might miss them. And that was fine, he said.

Back where he started

Tom Myslinski’s job these days is about details, science and teaching. As such, when the Jaguars’ new strength and conditioning coach talked Thursday morning about the task that lies ahead, he talked about "process," and talked in technical terms about just how to get the most physically out of the modern professional football player.

New Jaguars assistant Tom Myslinski focusing on more than strength |

The Jaguars’ new strength and conditioning staff isn’t putting all of its emphasis on the weight room. "The athletes have to be prepared to play the game. I think fitness is the most important aspect for football,’’ said Tom Myslinski, a former Jaguars player who was named to head coach Mike Mularkey’s staff last month.