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Bratkowski Sees Talent In Blaine Gabbert

New Jacksonville Jaguars offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski made an appearance on Jaguars This Week on Wednesday evening. Bratkowski spoke on a myriad of different things concerning developing the offense, including what he's seen from quarterback Blaine Gabbert on film. He came in probably in the worst year a quarterback can come into the NFL (because of the lockout last off-season). "He came out of a shotgun system. He hadn't taken four-or-five step drops. He had no benefit of OTAs and offseason. He showed up to training camp and had to go get it, and that's a very difficult thing. He's at the point now where he had that first taste of being under center, being exposed to offensive communication styles and being exposed to NFL defenses," Bratkowski said of Gabbert.

One thing quite a few fans have noticed with Gabbert, Bratkowski also noticed. Gabbert needs a lot of work on his fundamentals, and that will be one of the first things Bratkowski keys in on. "But, really the first thing we're going to be working on are his fundamentals under center until the time he gets the ball out of his hand. He has a lot of work to do, but there's an enormous wealth of talent there," Bratkowski added about Gabbert.