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Show Who The Money?

In a recent report from Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer the Philadelphia Eagles plan to franchise disgruntled wide receiver DeSean Jackson. While this may not come as surprise to some, what it does is eliminate another potential target for the Jaguars. The removal of top flight wide receivers from the free agent pool could become a concerning trend for Jaguars fans desperately in search of someone with play making ability.

With many other teams such as the Bears, Broncos,Patriots, Rams, Browns, and Redskins also in search of legitimate number one receivers it is going to get harder and harder to land the guy we want. Hopefully the appeal of a growing team, the lack of state income tax, great weather and our new black uniforms is enough to convince these guys to join last years bunch in sunny Jacksonville. That said we may have to brace ourselves with the possibility of Stevie Johnson and Vincent Jackson joining DeSean and staying with their current teams. If that happens, what in the world do we do next?