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Scouting Report #3: Matt Kalil

Hi everybody. Sorry about my lack of posts the last few days, I was busy with a mixture of school work, and going out too much. I'm actually supposed to be a doing a project right now, as it's do tomorrow. Today's scouting report is on Matt Kalil.

Mock Draft:

Big Board:

Matt Kalil - Offensive Tackle, Southern California

Height & Weight - 6'6"-6'7" 295 lbs

Agility: Athletic; fluid in the hips. Can change direction with ease.

Movement: Has good foot quickness, and has good change of direction ability. Has a quick first step, and is usually the first guy off the snap. Comfortable when hits second level.

Pass Blocking: Good pass blocker; looks like a natural fit at left tackle. Has quick feet to mirror rushers, and can beat quicker defenders to the edge. Has a good anchor. Occasionally over-extends footwork, and is prone to double moves.

Run Blocking: Lacks lower body strength, so he may struggle at times, driving defenders off the ball. But he locks onto defenders, and can box them out of the play. Keeps his feet moving, but will sometimes fall off blocks.

Strength: Lacks lower body strength. His legs look thin compared to the rest of his body. He has the frame to add more weight, and still be effective. Which he'll have to bulk up some more muscle until he's around 305. If he adds some of the lower body strength, he'll be very effective for a very long time.

Technique: Has good hand placement, and good footwork. Has excellent knee bend, and has good leverage. Needs to work on his anticipation with double moves, he can get beat.

Player Comparison: Jordan Gross OT Carolina Panthers

Final Word: Matt Kalil will be taken within the first 5 picks. Both Minnesota and St. Louis need an offensive tackle, and so does Washington. Kalil has a few spots that needs improving, but with some polish and a good coach, he'll be a top 10 tackle in a few years. If he somehow ends up being available at #7, he would have to be the pick. We would have two great tackles, a good guard, a good but aging center, and a injury prone vet patching for a player in need of development.


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