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1999 Jaguars Make List Of 'Best Teams To Not Win A Super Bowl'

The Jacksonville Jaguars have never played in a Super Bowl, but they've come close on two occasions. The closest the team ever game was the 1999 season, when the Jaguars went 14-2, and lost to the Tennessee Titans in the AFC Championship game. That 1999 team made Sports Illustrated's "Top 15 Teams To Not Win The Super Bowl."

No. 10 - 1999 Jacksonville Jaguars (14-2)

It's not a stretch to draw parallels between the 1999 Jaguars and 2007 Patriots, the kingpins of this countdown. Both clubs proffered double-digit excellence in point differential and turnover margin, while winning at least nine games by 10 points or more. The two head coaches, Tom Coughlin (Jags) and Bill Belichick (Patriots), were prominent branches from the Bill Parcells coaching tree. And both teams, curiously, only lost to one franchise during their near-flawless campaigns. Of course, New England lost to the Giants in the waning moments of Super Bowl XLII ... whereas Jacksonville went 0-for-3 against division rival Tennessee (including the AFC title game). That, in a nutshell, explains why the Jags aren't sitting at No. 2.