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Hugh Douglas Admits To Stealing From Jaguars In Hilarious Twitter Rant

I'm sure most Jacksonville Jaguars fans remember defensive end Hugh Douglas. Oh, you don't remember who he was? Well, that's not really a surprise since he didn't do anything in his tenure. In the 2003 offseason, the Jaguars signed Hugh Douglas to a five-year $27 million contract in free agency. Douglas played one season as a Jaguar as he was released prior to the 2004 season, picking up just 3.5 sacks in 2003. Douglas was tabbed as lazy, mailing it in, and generally not caring to even try to play for the Jaguars.

It's 100 percent true. Hugh Douglas has admitted to it in his Twitter profile. Here's how his bio reads:


Well, I congratulated his honesty on Twitter, which sparked a hilarious back and forth. Hit the jump.

To my surprise, Douglas actually responded on Twitter by telling me that I shouldn't be mad at him. I should be mad at God, since it's apparently God's fault that he was an epic disaster in Jacksonville?

Douglas continued on, resorting to telling people he was better than them because he played in the NFL and repeatedly asking what teams they played for. He asked people what round they were drafted in and even said he'd rather be a "has-been than a never was". You know, typical ego maniac stuff. Then proceeded to call fans "average" and even said that he can't wait until the Jaguars leave Jacksonville.

Later on, Douglas admitted to stealing from Wayne Weaver in the Jaguars, letting everyone know we'd all do the same thing. Personally, I'd probably actually you know... make an effort.

This is a paid ESPN analyst, y'all.


Naturally, Douglas shortly realized how foolish he made himself look and tried to save face and went and changed his profile.

He's also claiming he played with a shoulder injury all during the 2003 season (when he started 16 games).