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Onslaught of the O-Zone

Good evening BCC. My name is Daniel, and recently I have been allowed the opportunity to contribute to this great outlet for Jaguar fans. Even though I am new, I strive to maintain the prestigious Pulitzer Prize winning work of this site. My first post will be an assault on everyone’s favorite fuzzy head, Senior Writer John Oesher’s O-Zone. His recent mailbox is now mine. BAAHHAAAHHHA

Let's Get it.

Chris from New York, NY

Why is there so much talk about Pot Roast needing to lose weight? Vince Wilfork is twice the size of Pot Roast and he’s a monster. Why not tell Pot Roast to just keep getting bigger?

Daniel: Very astute observation of you Chris. In fact if we can take the information from the team websites at face value Vince weighs in at 6’2, 325 pounds. That is clearly double the low estimate of Terrance’s 6’2 336 clip. I am in full agreement that Pot Roast should continue to pound quarter pounders so that we will have the only DT in the league that can’t play defense and can’t tackle.

Jared from Pensacola, FL

Hey O-Man D-Man, just bought my first set of season tickets. I will be driving five-six hours every home game and if that isn't a TRUE fan, I don't know what is.

Daniel: Well since you have tickets, according to our blessed owner you are correct in assuming you are a TRUE fan. But by your math that means you will be leaving Pensacola at 7 am to make a 1 pm game. Some may argue TRUE fans are 5 deep by then.

Randy from Jacksonville:

Superb work you’re doing, O-Man D-Man. Last year the Jaguars were awarded three nationally televised games, and stunk in the majority of them. However, new owner, new coaching staff and most likely numerous new players coming soon make me wonder: How many nationally televised games do you see likely for 2012? I realize no one really knows at this point, but what’s your "over-under?"

Daniel: 1. And I will take the under.

Justin from Section 133:

What can be done to fix the Pro Bowl?

Daniel: Eliminate it.

Dan from Egg Harbor Township, NJ:

How are us Jags fans supposed to get excited for the draft when we have Gene Smith making our picks? The guy seriously picked Tyson Alualu over Jason Pierre-Paul two years ago.

Daniel: My fellow Dan, while it is fair to always question picks and the man making the picking, you could do this with every GM in the league. To discount Tyson’s contribution to the defensive unit as a whole is short sighted. Also JPP had little impact in his rookie season and was injected into an already stout defensive line. But I did hear there was an Offensive Guard from Egg Harbor Community College that Gene is very high on. That should make you happier.

Dakota from Clearlake Oaks, CA:

Can we get an update on D’Anthony Smith? I almost forgot about him.

Daniel: Who?

Drew from Jacksonville:

What do you think of Melvin Ingram out of South Carolina? It’s just practice, but he looks a lot better than Quinton Coples.

Daniel: Practice? Practice? I can’t believe we in here talkin about practice.