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Marcedes Lewis Sidetracked By Distractions?

One of the more disappointing seasons came from Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Marcedes Lewis. Lewis was coming off a Pro Bowl season in 2011 and signed a big new five-year $34 million deal during training camp. Lewis struggled with a calf injury early in the season, but could just never really seem to get it going. I don't think it was a fact of Lewis getting "fat and happy" as people like to say once a player hits a payday. Lewis always looked like he was going hard on every down and you could tell the drops really got to him. It seems there may have been some distractions that sidetracked Lewis, according to Jay Glazer who spoke with ESPN's Paul Kuharsky.

"We put him in the best position we could physically. You could see him in camp physically just crushing people," Glazer told Kuharsky. "Obviously having a young quarterback, those two guys just never got on the same page. They just never got in a rhythm there." As we all know, Lewis spent much of the offseason during the lockout training in mixed martial arts with Glazer. "A lot of times guys have stuff off the field that affects them," Glaze said. "We try to teach our guys that you've got to use that field or that cage as an oasis and nobody can touch you. But nobody knows what goes on. There are a lot of extenuating circumstances for guys."

Glazer also notes that Lewis plans to work with him again during the 2012 offseason, but hopefully Lewis can tune out the distractions and get back to the form he began showing during the 2011 NFL season.